9 Robotic Cages
5 Baseball (90,70,60,50,40 MPH)
4 Softball (64 & 44 FP and two SP)

This is where the usual drivel and sometimes outright lies (oops – I mean today’s truth) about a person, place or company are placed. So here is the story you’re waiting for with baited (dog) breath to read. The Cage is located on a section of land in the mid center of Frederick County. Frederick County is one of 95 counties in Virginia and one of 3007 total counties in the U.S. Exciting- so far – eh, wait there’s more. The Cage was born of a discussion over local home brewed liquor back about 35 years ago. Absolutely nothing came of that discussion but some hooting and hollering and of course a sizable head ache the next day. Well fast forward 15 years and a similar discussion came up again between 2 completely different people at a completely different place. Days later construction began. Rocks were blasted, holes were dug and equipment was ordered. Engineers and sooth sayers were consulted and construction continued. Risen from the ground like the Pyramids and other wonders of the world right smack in Frederick County was a structure unlike the Incan temples. A feat of engineering so great that since 1996 has withstood earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and asteroid strikes. Stars have been born and gone dark, life forms have become extinct and yet cemented into the bedrock of Frederick County VA is a structure that has defied the test of time and still stands. Throughout a thorough thought process of delicate maintenance and a large hammer the machines continue to churn out balls both large and small.