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The Cage offers

Team, Individual and Recreational batting practice with no memberships,  fees or scheduling issues?

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Team and Organization rentals available 24/7, vox or e us


This is an outdoor facility and hazards exist due to the nature of the sport.  We strive to make the facility as safe as possible and ask that you do the same.  Let us know if anything is broken or hazardous.  No running or horseplay is allowed.   DO NOT enter the cage beyond the red line.  No swinging of bats allowed in the building or outside of the batting cage.  Keep all cage gates closed.  All persons under 18 are required to wear batting helmets.  All Persons younger than 90 are required to wear helmets in all cages faster than SP softball.  Helmets are provided at no charge for your safety.  Report any injuries to the Staff.  Inclement weather may necessitate closing temporarily during the day for your safety.  If an Employee asks you to clear the cage due to weather or any other conditions you are required to comply immediately for your safety. Weather can be unpredictable and we are not responsible for any injuries.  We may not immediately recognize rapidly approaching storms, so you should exercise good judgement and be proactive for your safety also. Running through a parking lot with lightning crashing around probably means you should have thought about your life and safety sooner and sought a safe haven. If you can hear thunder, you are at risk of being hit by lightning.


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Free WI-FI is now available throughout Appleland Sports Center courtesy of The Cage

Just because its storming or raining in the county, does not mean its raining here and visa-versa. Call or IM us we will be happy to answer any questions.  

You can look at the Weather link on the home page to determine if the weather is expected to impact Appleland Sports Center.

Our Twitter feed has real time status updates.