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Did you know The Cage offers Team, Individual and Recreational batting practice with no memberships,  fees or scheduling issues?

Target Hours

Mon-Thurs 11A-7P

Fri 11A-8P Sat 11a-8p Sun 11a-7P

Check WEBCAM and Tweets

for Weather closures

Team and Organization rentals available 24/7, vox or e us


Personal - Team Instruction - Camps

Personal Instruction

Single 3 Pack 5 Pack

1/2 Hour Session     $35    $90    $140

1 Hour Session       $60    $150   $250

Team Training tailored to your needs and budget.


All lessons include 5 cage tokens per 1/2 hour for use anytime



Please contact  The Cage if you are qualified, have the skills to teach and want to join our team.

Want to Host a Camp at our facility?


Great client base.